Thursday, 22 January 2015

Little life update

So you may have noticed I've been away from the blogging scenes recently. The reason behind this is that 3rd year of university is hard work! So many thing happening at once, dissertations to write, plans to make for after graduation, aiming to graduate, assignments and so much stress and hard work goes in to it all! 

However, after 7 interviews and 2 acceptances, I am pleased to announce I have my first job as a teacher lined up for September!! Could not be happier with the route I had taken to get to this point and I am so glad I finally got where I want to be! 

Just a little motivational kick for all you youngsters who haven't started/have just started univeristy/college: hard work does pay off with great results. 

That's all for now lovelies x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Blogtober day 21: Halloween preparation

Hello my lovelies, 
Halloween is coming, and I thought I'd share a little tutorial of how to make a doll, cut mouth effect using liquid latex! 

Step 1: start with a normal face of makeup.

Step 2: get all of the equipment ready, this includes: 
-liquid latex
-fake blood
-tissue (ripped into halves so it's 1ply a sheet, and then I sti stops of however line you want the cut) toilet tissue works the best
-face paint pencils 
-paint brush

Step 3: apply liquid latex to the part of skin you would like the wound, avoid places with hair. This is because when it comes to removing theatre from your fave at the end of the night it will pull out the hairs e.g top of arm.

Step 4: apply tissue strips over the latex, layering like paper mâché. Latex, tissue, latex tissue, until the wound is the correct depth you would like it. I prefer to use around 2/3 layers. 

Step 5: cover the wound with a top layer of latex, wait for it to dry, and the. Cover it in foundation/face paint so it matches the rest of your face. 

Step 6: cut straight through the middle of the wound. 

Step 7: colour in the middle of the wound using blood coloured face paint pencils, red, maroon, black, blue. 

Step 8: add fake blood into the wound over the face paint. 

Step 9: admire finished product... 

Happy early Halloween my lovelies!x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blogtober day 19: Sephora beauty

Recently, myself and the very beautiful Laura ( did a box swap of English and American products. To create more blog posts I've broken it up into sections and today is reviewing the Sephora beauty products! 

There were two very pretty coloured products that caught my eye, and I seriously have so much love for them! 

First up, the sephora highlight, contour and blush palette in light number 01. Everything you need in a small package. This is a brilliant product because not only the is the blush very pigmented, but the bronzer is an amazing colour to use as a contour and bronzer! I've also been using the highlighter as an eyeshadow on dull day.

Secondly, the lipstick, Sephora rouge shine in the number 14. This is the most moisturising lipstick I have every owned. It stays on for a fair few hours, and it great as a balm, bottom coat, or on its own. The thing about this lipstick is that it also works as an amazing season changing lipstick when it's sunny but windy and cold. 

I have used both of these products nearly every day since they arrived, and I cannot get enough them! 

Biggest thank you to Laura, and I hope your parcel arrives soon and you love it as much as I love mine 😘

Until next time lovelies x